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Strategic Planning

A public/private partnership of arts and culture organizations, town government, and businesses developed a strategic plan to guide the healthy development of the downtown Cultural District. A diverse committee representing all stakeholders worked together on a plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the District, including town funding.  Key to the plan's success was to locate operations within a respected nonprofit civic organization.  The District is now thriving, attracting new visitors, residents and business to the downtown area.

Outcomes Measurement

A healthy aging program needed quantitative data on health outcomes, but did not know how to collect it.  Additionally, the funder wanted a standardized tool so that results could be compared to national norms.  We identified an appropriate standardized tool and taught the client how to use it.   We also adopted or created other collection tools to establish benchmark levels and regular check-ins for multiple health measures.  Our analysis showed that the seniors who participated most in program activities enjoyed the best health outcomes.  The agency received two follow-up grants, and subsequently incorporated outcomes measurement frameworks in all of its programs.

Board Development

A private school Board of Trustees needed clarification on their proper role.  Facilitating an all-day Board retreat, we clarified the Board's role as a group vs. the role of individual Board volunteers, as well as the difference between the Board's role and the executive staff's role. We recommended changes to their existing committee structure to better support those roles.  Small groups considered how the Board could help implement particular goals in the school's strategic plan.  Members left with a clear understanding of their roles and renewed energy for the tasks ahead.

Meeting Facilitation

A museum wanted feedback from scientists participating in an educational outreach program.  We worked with the client to design the discussion guide and then facilitated several focus groups in which participants could share candid feedback.  The staff observed the discussions and received a complete transcript.  They used the feedback to report to the funder and improve the program.

Ann brought tremendous and invaluable knowledge and expertise, and was able to expertly walk our team of board members and volunteers through the process. She skillfully guided our conversations in ways that enabled us to create solid strategies and tactics, and ideas for operationalizing our plan to meet our described goals and objectives. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ann.

Michele Marotta

Associate Executive Director

SPARK Kindness, Inc.


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